Tuesday, February 24, 2009

nobody reads this shit do they?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


im back single world. funny how we spend time pushing would be opportunities for love only to be pushed a way by the one we honor with commitment. well actually it isn't that funny...is it? it is easy to belive in somthing like love and fate when you look into someones eyes for a long time. so from now on i will try not to "love" any woman that i get in a relationship with unless they stick around for ten years first. ha yea thats the plan. mean while i am graduating

this is why i haven't bloged in such a long time. i have had somuch to do. in the time between my last entry and today...i have aquired a studio to work out of sold about a thousand dollers worth of art...the list goes on. adn now i feel that it is time do reach for those things called goals that i plased up on the fince as i crossed to view greener pastures. ttyl

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yo! it has been a while. now i am getting ready to graduate...got alot to put out there so...just keep waiting...my non-exsistant readers

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas
81 x 69 14/4 inches
The Eli and Edythe L. Broad Collection, Los Angeles

well he is the big dog. mister commodity thanks to the help of friends. i have avoided writing about this piece for some time now. it is an amazing memory of mine, actually touching the cradle of this piece.
i was in the high museum of art a few years back...checking out the new exhibit that...exhibited specifically, the Marlyn Monroe prints of Warhol and this piece of Basquiat's. i was drunk and someone dare me to touch the cradle that housed the piece. not the painting itself but the housing. i did it. it may have been the the alcohol, but i felt at that moment that i could understand this messy jumble of beauty.
Burton Callicott, Embrace #4, 1983. Oil on canvas.

Burton Callicott. madela series #1

Friday, May 23, 2008

i am in the processes of writing a paper on spirituality in art. the reason that i am blogging today is because of my lack of understanding on the topic. within the art world today, it has become apparent to me, that the overuse of symbols is over used. as a community, that will cause a change in the way we view spirituality, i say we return to the studies of color and light.
for example i would like to offer the work of Burton Callicott, co-founder and professor at the Memphis College of Art. in his later works, the spiritual presence is in color and light. this is an example of art, that is spiritual without the overbearing connotations that are evident in the symbols that we are so accustomed to. i do not intend to present Callicott's asthetic as the only possible sollution to the question i posed. I intend to present him as one of an endless number of possible solutions that can be found by a extensive study of color and light. within painting, sculpture, drawing, and digital media... there are endless posibilities to express ones spirituality. and i feel that it is important to continue to create art that serves the same porpose as the very first marks on the wall.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

confused about meaning

I missed class y'all! Did not try to do that.

we have recently discussed the idea of an art world with out the artist retaining the authorship of the pieces they create.If the author should die...then so shall the art critic. if authorship belongs to the viewer then the art critic has nothing to offer, that is of greater importance than the bum on the corner.
what am i to do when the bum on the street tells me that my painting illustraits the way rats fuck? cry. as an artist and critic i see a need for both to hold authorship. Art that does not educate, inspire or inform is simply intertaining. and who wants that?
i need feed back on this one. any one who can and will respond to this.